smrt.substrate package

This directory contains different options to represent the substrate, that is the lower boundary conditions of the radiation transfer equation. This is usually the soil or ice or water but can be an aluminium plate or an absorber.

To create a substrate, use/implement an helper function such as make_soil(). This function is able to automatically load a specific soil model .


from smrt import make_soil
soil = make_soil("soil_wegmuller", "dobson85", moisture=0.2, sand=0.4, clay=0.3, drymatter=1100, roughness_rms=1e-2)

It is recommended to read first the documentation of make_soil() and then explore the different types of soil models.

For developers

To develop a new substrate formulation, you must add a file in the smrt/substrate directory. The name of the file is used by make_soil to build the substrate object.