smrt.rtsolver package

This directory contains different solvers of the radiative transfer equation. Based on the electromagnetic properties of each layer computed by the EM model, these RT solvers compute the emission and propagation of energy in the medium up to the surface (the atmosphere is usually dealt with independently in dedicated modules in smrt.atmosphere).

The solvers differ by the approximations and numerical methods. dort is currently the most accurate and recommended in most cases unless the computation time is a constraint.

The selection of the solver is done with the make_model() function.

For Developers

To experiment with DORT, we recommand to copy the file to e.g. so it is immediately available through make_model().

To develop a new solver that will be accessible by the make_model() function, you need to add a file in this directory, give a look at which is not simple but the only one at the moment. Only the method solve needs to be implemented. It must return a Result instance with the results. Contact the core developers to have more details.