smrt.microstructure_model.sticky_hard_spheres module

Monodisperse sticky hard sphere model of the microstructure.

parameters: frac_volume, radius, stickiness.

The stickiness is optional but it is recommended to use value around 0.2 as a first guess. Be aware that low values of stickiness are invalid, the limit depends on the fractional volume (see for instance Loewe and Picard, 2015). See the tau_min() method.

Currently the implementation is specific to ice / snow. It can not be used for other materials.

class StickyHardSpheres(params)

Bases: smrt.microstructure_model.autocorrelation.Autocorrelation

args = ['frac_volume', 'radius']
optional_args = {'stickiness': 1000}

check consistency between the parameters


Compute the ssa of a sphere assembly


Compute the 3D Fourier transform of the isotropic correlation function for sticky hard spheres in Percus–Yevick approximation for given magnitude k of the 3D wave vector (float).


compute the t parameter used in the stickiness


compute the minimum possible stickiness value for given ice volume fraction