smrt.emmodel package

This directory contains the different electromagnetic (EM) models that compute the scattering and absorption coefficients and the phase function in a _given_ _layer_. The computation of the inter-layer propagation is done by the rtsolver package.

The EM models differ in many aspects, one of which is the constraint on the microstructure model they can be used with. The smrt.emmodel.iba model can use any microstructure model that defines autocorrelation functions (or its FT). In contrast others such as smrt.emmodel.dmrt_shortrange is bound to the smrt.microstructuremodel.sticky_hard_spheres microstructure for theoretical reasons.

The selection of the EM model is done with the smrt.core.model.make_model() function

For developers

To implement a new scattering formulation / phase function, we recommend to start from an existing module, probably is the simplest. Copy this file to or any meaningful name. It can be directly used with make_model() function as follows:

m = make_model("myscatteringtheory", "dort")

Note that if the file is not in the emmodels directory, you must explicitly import the module and pass it to make_model as a module object (instead of a string).

An emmodel model must define:
  • ks and ka attributes/properties
  • ke() and effective_permittivity() methods
  • at least one of the phase and ft_even_phase methods (both is better).

For the details it is recommended to contact the authors as the calling arguments and required methods may change time to time.